Green Space

I'm sitting here at home watching grey clouds roll in over the water, and listening to the twinkle of rain drops on the roof, with coffee in hand, candle burning and the whirl of the kids in the background I came across this beautiful space and I felt at home instantly. Green, I am in love with the colour green, I need it around me, I think it makes me feel grounded, at ease and reminds me so much of home.
This amazing greenhouse is in Tanimannari, Japan, was designed for a young couple and was part of a 2 part renovation by Akio Kamiya Architects.
As described by the architects - "the greenhouse provides a place to cultivate local Muscat grapes, the
simple , square-shaped plan, is pulled up to a symmetrically-sloping roof form that moulds the space within into a triangular volume.   The atmosphere of the interior shifts according to the trajectory of the day, natural daylight filters through the grapevines and surrounding trees, resulting in porously shaded space.  Paved with white bricks the green house retains thermal heat in the winter".

I love everything about this space, the stacked stone base, the black stained timber, white brick floors, what a beautiful spot to ponder, I can also imagine an amazing dinner party, full of laughter and red wine!

images © akio kamiya

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you maybe.

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