Italiano Paper Bags

One of my goals in the store is to always bring fresh and exciting product to my customers, I am constantly glued to my laptop sourcing items.  Well last week I came across this lovely supplier who stumbled across this product while holidaying in Tuscany, decided to bring some back to Australia and hasn't looked back.  What am I talking about? Washable Paper Bags! These beauties are just that, gorgeous and rustic paper bags....

Paper that washes like fabric, holding it's form so it can be used over and over again, promoting sustainability perfect for catering and homewares and then flat pack for easy storage. The manufacturing process is similar to leather where the paper is stretched and tanned.

The uses are endless let your imagine go wild, serving bead rolls and bread sticks in them at dinner, having your fruit and vegetables on show in the kitchen, storing your kids crayons, texters etc.  Even cuter is the fact that you can write on them with chalk, it looks fantastic on the black bag!

While they are available in store now, I hope to have them in the on line store very soon, Stay tuned!


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  1. OMG - swoooooooon. So coming to check these out Ness!