Hand Block Prints from Rajasthan With Love

While doing some research for block prints and block printing I came across this beautiful video on you tube filmed by the furniture company West Elm in the USA showing you how the blocks are made and fabric printed in India, just beautifully filmed and inspiring to say the least.  The time and effort involved in the preparation of the blocks and labour intensive printing is a reminder that handmade items have so much more behind them than the product itself.  Take a peek!


  1. I have started getting a little crafty and sewing vintage hand dyed doilies onto beautiful white bonds singlets and hoping to sell them at our local baby market.. Anywho, I have been looking into hand stamping things for babies too using these blocks.. I have already watched this video and it's awesome.. Love the technique and the wonderful artisans that create it too.. Super Special.. x

  2. Isn't it gorgeous, I have watched it a few times now, I just love it! Bohemian Hunter your blog is so beautiful, I will be checking in on a regular basis x