Swings, Trees and Wonki Ware

This week has seen a new arrival of our gorgeous Mango trees, these are popular for hallways, kids bedrooms and even around pool areas for towels. $540.00 each

We also managed to put up this beautiful Indian Swing in the window, I'm sure it wont last long, the detail on the hooks is gorgeous (as per pic below), I imagine this in an amazing garden somewhere, swinging slowly in the summer breeze!

A whole lot of new Wonki Ware arrived!  I love these ceramics, so beautifully made by hand in South Africa, we have all sorts of colours and patterns available in store, they are fabulous as wedding, engagement and house warming gifts, every morning I have my cereal in mine and I never tire of the pleasure (its the small things!!)

Please call the store and we can take you through the Wonki Ware range.

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