Mirror Mirror on the wall

From the first day I opened, I have had so many people plead with me to sell the mirror on the wall in store, well finally I have one for sale, this one is sooo gorgeous!!! and I can't wait to see where it may end up.

This time I was even luckier and also had the pleasure of sourcing 2 of these beautiful vintage Indian mirrors complete with numbering on the back, I have numbers 1 and 5 and we are assuming that at one time they would have been used in a sequence somehow.  They also have some sort of writing on them which adds to their gorgeousness, the mirror in them is divine, old and silvered.  I can imagine one in a bathroom, so beautiful!

1 comment:

  1. I am beyond obsessed! They are incredible vanessa!! I live in QLD and i hate that i'm that far away from these mirrors.. x