Pom Poms and Tassels

My latest obsession is Pom Poms and Tassels thanks to two friends of mine who are behind these gorgeous necklaces that are all hand made, the pom poms come from the Hill Tribe in Thailand and the bells and coins are all vintage pieces which are then put together with beautiful beads.  Each is uniquely different and they have been flying out the door in store, you can also buy them online here.
The next piece of Pom Pom perfection is from Jac and Jack who predominantly design clothes but  this year they also have these amazing beach towels.  100% cotton and handwoven with handmade pom pom edging they are a must this summer on the beach.   Not only are they highly absorbent and super quick at drying they are amazingly good looking too!  What colour do you want?

Hopefully for us Sydney siders the rain will stop and we might be able to hit the beach this weekend otherwise I think I will get the paint brush out and paint something white! Also another obsession of mine which I will blog about later.

Have a gorgeous weekend!


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